LAREDO, TX – The challenging economy, shows the upcoming holidays as daunting as ever for U.S. retailers, has sparked a major initiative among businesses along the U.S./Mexico border in an effort to maximize sales and generate traffic during this key retail period.

In an effort to aggressively promote Texas cities along the U.S./Mexico border and their many shopping, dining, and hospitality options, PMDG Marketing Communications has developed a regional marketing program targeting key markets in Mexico, particularly in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and Saltillo, Coahuila.

De Shopping En Texas is a strategic multimedia marketing campaign, developed by PMDG, designed to promote sales on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).

This collaborative effort allows retailers to attract the Mexican consumer and help boost sales numbers in their favorite shopping cities across Texas.

“Retailers are looking for more non-traditional ways to reach a specific targeted group; this program allows them to reach out to targeted upper middle-class consumers in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and Saltillo, Coahuila,” continued Barrera.

As a result of retailers’ (out of the box) marketing philosophy and shrinking budgets, PMDG launched a marketing program to synergize with multi-cultural holidays and Mexican nationals’ preference to shop in Texas cities for quality buys in time for Christmas.

“PMDG believes in taking a proactive approach and ensuring that we are meeting the growing needs of our clients; this program is a result of national and local retailers looking for unique marketing opportunities and a strategic way of reaching out to this lucrative Mexican consumer,” said Barrera.

De Shopping En Texas includes the delivery of a direct-mail bargain bag filled with money-saving coupons, promotional fliers, bargain booklets, and information and resources about participating sponsors.

These bags will be put directly in the hands of potential shoppers; delivered to 40,000 homes in strategically-selected neighborhoods in the Monterrey and Saltillo areas on Thursday, November 19th (one week before Black Friday). The featured offers will include bounce-back promotions in order to strategically measure the campaign’s effectiveness.

These unique “bargain bags” will feature the presenting partner logos printed on the front page insert of the bags. Residents will be enthused to see a special treat on their doorstep upon arrival with an attractive and enticing holiday shopping message printed on the front page insert of the bags.

Online Component

Shoppers will have the opportunity to visit where they can link to the destination of their choice on the Texas map.

Each destination site will then feature the participating city, shopping center or retailer. All participating advertiser logos and their offers will be featured on each appropriate site. The site will be live for 3 months – October, November and December; but the offers will not be posted until after the bargain bags have been delivered.

De Shopping En Texas Web Banner Placement – A web banner will be posted on (El Norte Newspaper’s website) for the same 3-month duration promoting the program and offering visitors a link to the De Shopping En Texas main website.

Promotional Campaign

The “De Shopping En Texas” program will be promoted through a strategic print campaign that includes El Norte Newspaper’s “Texas y Turismo” supplement.

Texas y Turismo – a supplement of El Norte Newspaper (one of the largest newspapers in Mexico) is published weekly on Fridays with a circulation of 60,000 to key El Norte subscribers and a readership of a quarter of a million. This “must-see” publication features information on shopping, dining and hospitality in Texas.

The print campaign officially launched the program on October 23rd with a front page cover and centerfold spread designed to promote the program and serve as a reminder about the delivery of the forthcoming bargain bags. Several full page ads will follow and be published prior to bargain bag delivery in order to promote the “De Shopping En Texas” program.

Fifty-three percent of El Norte’s subscribers said they always consult El Norte Newspaper as a guide before doing their shopping in the U.S. (El Norte Survey 2006)

De Shopping En Texas’ partners include: Dillard’s, Coach, Forever 21, Best Western San Isidro Inn, HKG Duty Free, Montana Mike’s, Sirloin Stockade, TAMIU and more.

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