Alarming statistics in the U.S. – Last year only 1.5% of the children’s books published were about Latinos

Lanugo is unveiling the first book of its highly anticipated children’s reading series in September honoring Hispanic Heritage Month. Lanugo embraces the richness of Hispanic culture and supports Latina mothers in the U.S. to encourage early interest and pride while raising bilingual and bicultural children. The new book series concept was developed by Lanugo Co-Founder Carla Curiel and written by Maria Alejandra Fondeur, a Latina graduate from Harvard in early childhood education.

“Every month is a true celebration of being Hispanic in the United States of America,” said Co-Founder Carla Curiel. “Hispanic Heritage Month will be even more special this year with the perfect timing to share the news of our upcoming Spanish Language book series that will launch in November. The books came to be when we felt there was a need in the U.S. Hispanic community for more Latino inspired and culturally related reading material.”

The first Lanugo characters’ book “Flying with Quique” (“Volando con Quique”) was devised with the goal of introducing children to Latino influenced music with its unique repetition and rhyme through the adventurous spirited storytelling by father and son, Don Juan and Quique. Don Juan el queztal is a proud, coqueto and self-confident caballero. He offers vast knowledge about Latin art and of course, the many Latin dances, which he loves to teach his son Quique and his friends. Quique loves to sing, dance and fly just like su papa, but although he has many similarities to his dad, he also has his own charm.

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