The founders of Lanugo, winners of the Hispanicize 2013 Entrepreneur Contest, think Latinos are getting too much racist flack for singing the national anthem so they want to do something about it.

After the terrible and unfortunate racist remarks directed towards Hispanic Americans, Sebastian de la Cruz and Marc Anthony, Carla Curiel and Roberto Castro, have started a social media campaign titled “Soy Americano y Latino de Corazon”.

The movement consist of asking Latinos across the USA to send in video tapes of their families singing the Star Spangled Banner. Once the videos are received, they will be edited into one video showcasing Latinos from across the country proudly singing the national anthem in order to show our children that they to CAN and SHOULD sing it with pride.

To participate in this video they want everyone to keep in mind the following points:

1) Record your children, your entire family or your group of friends, signing together the anthem Star Spangled Banner.

2) Record the video on High-Definition device such as an iphone5, Samsung Galaxy S4, or a FlipCam.

3) Send the video via Wetransfer to as soon as possible.

4) Include the city where you are sending it from and your Blogger name, so that they can include you as supporters for this movement.

Finally, for the Latinos based in Miami, they are planning a mass singing, which they are waiting to confirm date and venue. For more information, please join the Facebook group Latino Americans – Cantemos Juntos. #CantaConOrgullo

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