WASHINGTON, DC – The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) is launching an unprecedented multimedia campaign in Spanish to provideLivestrong Web site Screen Shot support for cancer survivors, their families and caregivers within the Hispanic community in the United States through mass dissemination and promotion of informational resources and materials.

The campaign promoting LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare and LIVESTRONG.org/Espanol places practical tools and necessary information in the hands of the Hispanic community to provide support for people affected by cancer and to those closest to them in a time when Hispanic people have low levels of access to medical services in the US.

The LAF’s unparalleled effort to reach out to Spanish speaking communities in the United States centers on a massive multimedia campaign which will incorporate traditional mediums such as radio, while incorporating extensive use of new technologies and social networks. This is done with the goal of reaching a variety of Hispanic demographics.

Multimedia Campaign

Public Service Announcements will provide information regarding the types of care available through the Lance Armstrong Foundation and its program LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare.   Hispanic cancer survivors and their families will be encouraged to visit the program’s website, which has been redesigned with the needs of the Hispanic community in mind.   Through the website they will have the opportunity to obtain personalized advice.

Beginning on June 22nd, the campaign will incorporate five live radio shows in markets with the top Hispanic demographics in the United States, including Chicago (IL), San Francisco (CA), Phoenix (AZ), Denver (CO) and Washington (DC), where cancer experts will be available to provide answers to callers’ questions.

The multimedia campaign includes an array of messages creating an informative packet and orientation guide directed to the Hispanic community. Its principal components are as follows:

– An online video miniseries (webisodes) comprised of testimonials representing a variety of typical cases among cancer survivors and the type of aid that LAF provides for them.

– A series of audio capsules (podcasts) that can be heard instantantly or downloaded to mp3 players to have them available at any time.

– An interactive icon (widget) will be available for download to personal desktops in some of the most popular Internet sites such as Facebook and MySpace, among others. The icon will contain information updated weekly along with information on how to contact the Foundation.

– An intensive use of social networks like Twitter and Youtube used to widen the scope of messages through the usage of links dedicated to remind the community that help is always within reach with LAF.

“With all these resources, the Hispanic community will be able to obtain first hand information about emotional and medical support required by those affected by cancer,” said Doug Ulman, President and CEO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation adding that “they will receive support to face life after cancer, information about their rights as survivors, resources for uninsured patients to search for treatment and community groups for survivors”.

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