La Comunidad has launched “Hello Detroit,” a new spot for the Original Penguin Jacket campaign, which brings the Motor City back to its glory days.

The spot, in which the Jacket goes kart racing, rounds out the video series and campaign that the agency created for Original Penguin by Munsingwear as part of the company’s first global social media-based marketing effort.

Over the past six months, as part of the campaign, the agency has promoted a conversation between the Original Penguin brand and its fans through an iconic symbol of its past—the Jacket. With social media profiles that host witty, multi-media content including photos, videos and commentary updated on a daily basis, the Jacket has reminisced about its glorious past, shared its perspective on pop culture, documented its adventures and whereabouts and shared gems of wisdom and inspiration along the way, engaging with consumers in real time around originally created content.

Within a few short weeks of this garment entering back into the world via its own dedicated campaign, its popularity skyrocketed. With very high consumer engagement, online fans have closely followed the storyline, with the Jacket’s Facebook page having anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 active engagements (clicks, comments, shares, etc.) on a weekly basis.

In addition, “Hot Rope,” one of the videos in the series, went viral, with over 1.5 million views on YouTube, receiving worldwide press—from Brazil to Japan—and being featured in outlets including ESPN, Good Morning America, the Huffington Post and GQ. The campaign also went beyond the digital space with in-store promotions and events, designed posters, store materials and even by sending the Jacket to be worn by some of its fans.

The release of “Hello Detroit” also marks the end of the 12-month project – won by La Comunidad on a pitch – with the Original Penguin Jacket being handed back to Original Penguin as an icon of the brand.

Amongst the 20 original videos created for the series, highlights include:

  • One World Big Jacket—An introduction to the Jacket and its glorious past.
  • Unbuttoned—A detailed look at the Jacket’s fine details.
  • Girls, Girls, Girls—The Jacket regains its mojo in the Sin City.
  • Triángulo del Diablo—The Jacket crosses the Bermuda Triangle on a remote control boat.
  • Hot Rope –The Jacket makes a car jump rope.
  • Shaken, Not Stirred –The Jacket mixes a cocktail with a twist.
  • Hello Detroit –The Jacket brings an abandoned building back to life with 10 gallons of rocket fuel.

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