Image courtesy Andrea Arroyo Tribute to the Disappeared, NYC
On Wednesday, December 17th, La Casa Azul Bookstore, in New York City, will host the official launch of the TRIBUTO A LOS DESAPARECIDOS / TRIBUTE TO THE DISAPPEARED memorial quilt project, with an exhibition of prints of paintings, drawings, photographs and collage from Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the Netherlands, the U.S., Mexico and Japan.
After the disappearance of 43 youths from Ayotzinapa in Mexico’s state of Guerrero, two New York artists, Andrea Arroyo ( and Victoria Roberts (, decided to take action. So was born TRIBUTO A LOS DESAPARECIDOS / TRIBUTE TO THE DISAPPEARED, a call to artists for images in honor of people who have disappeared in Mexico and around the world.
The images, first collected via Facebook, will form part of a “virtual quilt” online. Just as the AIDS Memorial Quilt brought attention to the AIDS epidemic, the artists hope to bring public attention to another epidemic-that of innocent lives lost to the drug war, poverty, and migration.
The event will rely on the participation of 120 international artists, including: Andrea Arroyo (Mexico/US), Victoria Roberts (Australia/Mexico/US), Peter Kuper (USA), Felipe Galindo (USA/Mexico), Neil Moore (Australia), Sophie Blackall (Australia/USA), Monique Bailly (France), Lou Beach (USA), Wendy Coulson Catalan (Mexico/US), Sue Coe (US), Bonnie Deakin (Canada), Valeria Gallo (Mexico), Nancy Stahl (USA), Blanka Amezkua, (Mexico/USA/Greece), Laura Anderson Barbata (Mexico/US), Yael Ben-Zion (Israel), Jessica Lagunas (Guatemala/US), Beatrice Coron (France/USA) and Claudia DeMonte (USA).

There will be Opening Cocktails at La Casa Azul Bookstore ( 143 East 103rd Street on Wednesday, December 17th from 6-8 p.m.
The exhibition which runs from December 17th-January 10th (gallery closes December 24th -January 1st) will culminate in a COMMUNITY WORKSHOP lead by Arroyo and Roberts on Saturday January 10th, from 4 to 6 p.m. Materials will be provided for the workshop in which each participant will create a piece to be exhibited online as part of the TRIBUTO A LOS DESAPARECIDOS / TRIBUTE TO THE DISAPPEARED memorial quilt.
People of all ages are encouraged to attend. Art teachers and community organizers are invited to join and will receive special instruction on how to hold a workshop for TRIBUTO A LOS DESAPARECIDOS / TRIBUTE TO THE DISAPPEARED in their own community.

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