After receiving thousands of recipes from families across the U.S., Knorr has selected the three semifinalists of its “Recetas Arrozisimas” national recipe contest to be featured on its label.

As the new jars hit the shelves at the end of the summer, America gets to savor these new recipes and decide for themselves which recipe wins the coveted title of the most arrozisima rice dish!

Starting September 1 through October 24, America will vote for their favorite recipe by casting their ballot at for a chance to win a daily prize of $100. Voters can also submit their vote by mail or in person at participating grocery stores. All entries are eligible for a Grand Prize Drawing to win $1,000 and a basket of Knorr products. The winner will be announced in early November.

Three lucky winners have each been awarded a $2,000 prize and will see their recipe on the 2.2 lb. Knorr jar, available at the end of August. They are now competing for the title of the best rice dish and a grand prize of an additional $5,000:

— Liliana Portela, 57, of Miami, Florida: Terrina de Tomates, Arroz y Salmon

Liliana believes that teaching her children recipes of her native Argentina are just as important as valuing their origins. Sharing a home-cooked meal with her family and discussing life around the dinner table is always the highlight of her day.

— Janeth Pina, 22, of Pharr, Texas: ArrozisiKnorr Verde

Taught to cook by her mother and older sister, Janeth uses her rich Mexican heritage as the inspiration behind her recipe. A mother of two small boys, Janeth loves dedicating her time to creating new, zesty and well-balanced meals.

— Elba Isabel Gonzalez, 46, of Miami, Florida: Arroz a la Cubanisima

A kindergarten teacher, Elba was inspired by the flavors and fond memories of her native Cuba where her grandfather was a chef. As a little girl, she intently watched her mother and grandmother cook and, to this day, uses many of their cooking tips to lovingly prepare meals for her family.

“Passing down recipes to future generations is an important aspect of keeping cultural traditions alive,” said Donna Barker, Marketing Director for Knorr. “No matter how simple or complex a recipe may be, we know that high-quality, authentic ingredients make a difference. For more than a century, Knorr has been a key ingredient in the Latino cooking heritage.”

Knorr will continue to support its Recetas Arrozisimas effort with a multimedia, integrated communications campaign that includes Spanish-language and in-culture English print advertising, public relations, online activation, social media outreach, signage and in-store events at hundreds of participating retail locations.