Kmart’s Holiday Approach to Ethnic Markets

Kmart LogoThe first clue that something needed to change was the shopping carts. Or, more specifically, what was in them. Hispanic customers were snapping up styles from Jaclyn Smith, a Kmart designer meant to target the general market.

“Jaclyn Smith was selling to Hispanics and Jaclyn isn’t centered in the popular culture of the Hispanic market,” said Mark Snyder, chief marketing officer at Kmart. “We had a lot of diverse ethnicity on the floor, and a lot of cross shopping between products and segments.”

Armed with that knowledge, Mr. Snyder began analyzing how the retailer was marketing to ethnic consumers. Kmart was, it turned out, presenting separate creative briefs to its agency as well as referring to the groups as completely separate segments internally. For its agency, that meant receiving a brief for the general market, one for the Hispanic market, one for the African-American market, and so on. Read More »