Kang & Lee Advertising, the leading multicultural marketing consulting and communications agency specializing in reaching Asian multicultural consumers across North America, will be honored with the ‘Pioneer of Diversity’ award by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) at the Diversity Achievement and Mosaic Awards & Forum on October 2, 2012 at The Hilton New York.

The Pioneer of Diversity Award recognizes companies and organizations who were early proponents of diversity and inclusion, and continue to tackle these issues successfully. Also receiving a Pioneer of Diversity Award, The Advertising Women of New York (AWNY) and the Omnicom Group.
“We are honored to be recognized with the AAF’s Pioneer of Diversity Award as K&L Advertising has been devoted to increasing diversity in the advertising industry since our agency’s founding in 1985,” said Cynthia Park, President/CEO, K&L Advertising. “For decades we’ve been committed to providing professional opportunities for diverse talent,” she added.
Other 2012 AAF Diversity Achievement & Mosaic Awards honorees include Pawan G. Mehra, Founder, Améredia (Role Model); Young & Rubicam (Educator), The United Negro College Fund (Educator), General Electric (Corporate Leader), Lopez Negrete (Multiethnic Advertising Campaign), Deutsch Inc. (Multiethnic Talent in Advertising), Valassis (Workforce Diversity), Alma DDB (Multiethnic Media Usage) and Briabe Mobile (Multiethnic Interactive Media), among others.
Since its founding in 1985, K&L has been at the forefront of the Asian multicultural marketing and communications industry and has developed leading expertise across a wide range of client product categories including those in the telecom, financial, retail, automotive, airline, cosmetics, healthcare, packaged goods, and travel & leisure industries, among others.
“We salute the AAF’s initiatives which serve to strengthen the focus on diversity within the communications industry at-large,” noted Saul Gitlin, EVP Strategic Services, K&L Advertising. “K&L Advertising is proud to be recognized by the organization for our long diversity efforts, and we are honored be included in this year’s prestigious group of award recipients,” he added.

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