BATTLE CREEK – Kellogg’s Corn Flakes(R) with a Touch of Honey is teaming up with Alina Rosario, host of the popular PBS TV show “Los Ninos en su Casa,” to offer moms some simple tips to make family times special.

“Simple things are often the most memorable,” said Rosario. “Serving a wholesome breakfast you know your family enjoys is one great way to spend time together and a small way to show them you care. With just a little effort, families can find other simple and enjoyable ways to spend time together.”
Kelloggs outreach will focus on five tips Rosario offers for easy and affordable ways to “add a special touch to family time”:

1) Get Going: Summer is here and everyone will be heading outdoors. Take your family on a nature walk and use this time to enjoy each other’s company.
— Tip: You can collect items for nature collages or try and identify different types of flowers or animals you see along the way.

2) A Family that Eats Together: Studies show that families who eat together have better communication and their children function better academically and socially. Mornings can be hectic for moms. Save time preparing meals by buying ready-to-eat options, like Kellogg’s Corn Flakes(R) with a Touch of Honey and serve as a part of a complete breakfast that includes milk and fruit. The entire family will enjoy it and be off to a great start.
— Tip: Breakfast is an ideal time to catch up with your family and find out what is going on in each other’s lives.

3) Beyond Books: Public libraries are not only great for checking out books, they offer a lot of free services for the entire family. From free computer and Internet access, to arts and crafts activities to even DVD rentals – the library has countless options for the entire family. You can contact your local library to find out what services they offer.
— Tip: To start a new family tradition, attend a class or activity as a family.

4) Flower Fun: Gardening is a rewarding way to help the environment and beautify your home. Visit your local home-improvement store to purchase gardening tools and supplies for a fun, family activity.
— Tip: Use this time together to talk about how plants help protect our environment.

5) Summer Sports: Help your family stay healthy and active by starting your own family sports night. Take advantage of the extra daylight and teach your family to play multiple sports from soccer to baseball to Frisbee.
— Tip: Reward your family, regardless of how everyone does with a special “after-game” treat

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