Juan Valdez® Café has selected Newlink America, the leading South Florida based consulting and international communications firm, to position the brand in the US market. This decision comes at an important time of growth for the Colombian coffee grower, given its aggressive international expansion that kicked off with the opening of two destination cafés in Downtown Miami last year and another 60 stores planned to open in the Florida market alone over the next five years.

“After the success of our initial expansion efforts in Miami, we knew that we could rely on Newlink to propel the company forward and make Juan Valdez Café top of mind throughout the US,” said Alejandra Londoño, vice president of International Business for Juan Valdez Café. “We are confident in our partnership with Newlink and we know they will make a difference as we work to develop the brand and build our business.”

The international presence of Juan Valdez® currently includes more than 300 cafés in 14 different countries including Aruba, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, South Korea, Spain and the US. Miami’s recent openings are an important part of the company’s strategy to gain additional markets for its premium coffees. Capitalizing on the $18 billion coffee industry in the US, Juan Valdez, with Newlink’s support, also plans to expand across major cities in the US as it appeals to a more discerning coffee consumer.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Juan Valdez® Café to the forefront of the conversation in the United States. We know what sets this brand apart and we are eager to share that with American consumers,” said Jorge Ortega, managing partner and co-founder of Newlink America.

As a unique brand owned by coffee growers, Juan Valdez® truly embodies their genuine dedication, knowledge and craftsmanship; producing high quality and diverse offerings including unique single origin options. “The passion and commitment of these coffee growers, together with the perfect growing conditions of Colombia, ensure that Juan Valdez® is the richest coffee in the world,” Londoño added.

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