EDISON, NJ – Johnnie Walker Black Label is launching a new grassroots Hispanic PR initiative that brings events, promotions and new business opportunities to New Jersey.  In May, the deluxe Scotch Whisky kicked off its 100th anniversary celebration with the theme, “100 Years of Progress.” In continuation of the centennial birthday, the brand turns the focus local and highlights the Garden State’s Latino community — with one of New Jersey’s own at the program’s helm.

Latinos exert a powerful force in New Jersey, making an ideal environment for the endeavor. Currently making up more than 16 percent of the population, they represent the fastest growing segment in the state. In addition, New Jersey houses the 5th largest concentration of Latino businesses in the country, which numbered over 52,000 in 2008, predicted to double by 2010. As business leaders, consumers, homeowners and active community members, Latinos make essential social, cultural and economic contributions that help the state thrive.

“Latinos represent achievement and progress in New Jersey, two characteristics that Johnnie Walker Black Label also exemplifies,” says Gerry Rojas, New Jersey Hispanic Brand Ambassador for Johnnie Walker and proud New Jerseyite. The initiative celebrates the accomplishments of New Jersey Latinos and creates new opportunities for business owners in the spirits industry to excel. It also invites everyday residents to join the celebration. “Whether they are coming together for family festivities, networking, cultural events or just a well-deserved evening out, Johnnie Walker is uniting people from every part of the diverse Latino community by providing access to some of the best places and events that New Jersey has to offer,” Rojas says.

New Jersey’s Striding Man

Rojas’ vast experience in the Latino market has primed him to be the ideal Hispanic Brand Ambassador for Johnnie Walker in New Jersey. Having grown up in Union City, West New York and North Bergen, he brings first-hand familiarity with the business and entertainment landscape, and he also touts a credentialed record.

An industry veteran with nearly a decade of experience in sales, brand development and marketing, Rojas is a pioneer in Latino marketing who entered the field when multicultural marketing was still in its inception, shortly after the 2000 census results raised awareness of the Hispanic consumers’ potential. He lead some of the first broad-scale corporate marketing initiatives incorporating the emerging Latino consumer and spearheaded the development of a new multicultural division of an established event agency, which brought branded entertainment expertise to the Latino demographic.

For New Jersey, this means exciting strides to come from Rojas and Johnnie Walker Black Label. “People who live, work and play in New Jersey can look forward to new options provided by Johnnie Walker,” Rojas says. “We’re excited to give businesses more of the tools they need to get ahead and to support fun events that give people more occasions to get together around art, music, food and heritage, courtesy of Johnnie Walker.”

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