Rosie Rivera, younger sister of legendary Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera who died in a plane crash in 2012, unveils her memoir MY BROKEN PIECES: Mending the Wounds From Sexual Abuse Through Faith, Family, and Love (Celebra Hardcover; February 2, 2016; $26.00).  For the first time, Rosie opens up about her family, her relationship with Jenni, and her hard-won triumph over tragedy, abuse, and addiction.

“Sharing my story in this very personal way, I hope to help inspire other women who have suffered abuse to persevere and know that there is always a way back to love,” says Rosie.

In MY BROKEN PIECES, Rosie shares never-before-told stories of her family’s humble beginnings, Jenni’s rise to stardom, and the family’s ultimate fame.  Rosie, in the unique position of being Jenni’s only sister, is able to share revelations from inside the Rivera family like nobody else can.

The trauma of Jenni’s untimely death affected the entire family in different ways, and Rosie offers a look into how the loss changed her life.  But most importantly, in MY BROKEN PIECES, Rosie recounts her very personal and difficult story of sexual abuse at the hands of a family member.  She holds nothing back and speaks honestly and intimately about the level of abuse she experienced, revealing explosive and unexpected details that have never been discussed. Rosie’s abuse led to a never-ending cycle of addiction, depression, promiscuity, and an eventual suicide attempt.  Rosie’s faith, as well as the unconditional love and compassion from her sister, helped her reconcile with both her family and herself.

Highlighting her struggle to find hope and healing, MY BROKEN PIECES is a testament to Rosie’s incredible strength. MY BROKEN PIECES will include color photographs of the family.

Rosie Rivera is an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, evangelist and inspirational speaker.  She made a name for herself appearing alongside her famous family on Jenni Rivera’s reality show, I Love Jenni; She also starred in the show Rica Famosa Latina and is a frequent guest on shows such as Despierta America and Primer Impacto.

Rosie has become a strong advocate for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.  She is an inspirational speaker and a Christian evangelist with a large international following in the U.S. and Mexico.  Rosie also continues the mission entrusted upon her by her older sister Jenni to help single mothers, offering shelter and treatments to overcome abuse via the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation.  In 2015 Rosie founded the Sister Samalia Movement whose mission is to restore and elevate women who have been victims of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, drugs and domestic violence in Latin America.


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