Singer and actor Jencarlos Canela will show Hispanic consumers the new Tide Pods, a three-chamber unit dose laundry detergent that looks unlike anything seen in the marketplace today – it is a three in one detergent that brightens, cleans and fight stains in one single pac.

As part of this launch, Jencarlos Canela surprises people at Laundromats in Miami and Los Angeles to show them how, with the new Tide Pods, the laundry process can be consistent since measuring dosage is not necessary. And by not having to measure, the average consumer saves about 1 hour per year — so for every 24 people using Tide Pods, over one day of time is saved.

Consumers will have the opportunity to meet Jencarlos Canela on Tuesday, April 3 at a Laundromat in Los Angeles to get a glance of the product benefits.


Drawing inspiration from innovation in areas including industrial design and technology, Tide Pods were designed to bring laundry in line with other practical innovations that have enhanced consumers’ daily lives. Simply place a pac into the drum of your washing machine with dry hands before clothes are added, and seamlessly enjoy amazing and consistent results.

With the introduction of Tide Pods, Tide aims to do the impossible – elevate laundry from a frustrating chore to a delightful and rewarding experience. They are designed to work in the most challenging laundry conditions, allowing people to say goodbye to guesswork.

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