EL PASO, TX– Consumers collecting caps for rewards under the Club Jarritos® promotion will be glad to hear they have more time to win great prizes such as High Definition TVs, MP3 players, money transfers and soccer balls. The promotion with points under the cap for Jarritos®, Mineragua®, and Jarritos Kids(TM) has been extended through next year and now expires in December, 2010.

“Consumers are ecstatic about Club Jarritos® with over 100,000 submissions since May when the program was launched. The most popular prize being the official soccer ball used by the Mexican Soccer team,” said David Flynn, Novamex Marketing Director.

“In its inaugural season Club Jarritos has been a great success”, says Jim Lucero, managing director for Camelot Communications, Novamex’s agency of record. “In addition to radio we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the response we’ve had through our online and mobile media efforts, proving that we can engage our consumers in new and innovative ways. That said, it’s essential that we keep our messaging fresh, relevant and exciting.”

“Club Jarritos has pushed our sales with grocery stores, restaurant and lunch trucks, everywhere really! The promotion has been a relief for many businesses; the consumer is pleased to buy Jarritos soft drinks plus a chance to cash-in their caps for prizes,” said Ricardo Figueroa, Novamex West Sales Director.

This Christmas, consumers can send money home, call their families anywhere in the world or get their kids’ movie passes, earrings or music downloads for free by collecting caps and sending them in. The website has many stocking stuffer ideas as well as free points for consumers who register.  Full rules, prizes and instructions are at www.clubjarritos.com

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