WASHINGTON, DC – The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA), a broad-based coalition of business and non-profit organizations that aims to ensure every American has equal access to broadband Internet regardless of race, income, or geography, launched “IIA en Espanol,” a section of the website designed to serve as a resource on important broadband and technology-related information for Spanish language communities. The content includes key studies and facts about broadband, developments with IIA Members and Ambassadors from the Hispanic community and news related to the Internet industry, all available in Spanish at www.internetinnovation.org

IIA, a broad-based coalition of business and non-profit organizations, aims to ensure that every American has access to broadband Internet and hopes to reach the more than 45 million Spanish-speaking Americans with information about the transformative benefits of broadband.

A blog authored by Rafael A. Fantauzzi, President and CEO of the National Puerto Rican Coalition, addresses the value of the new “IIA en Espanol” initiative and is featured on the new section of the website.

“The IIA’s launch of a Spanish language technology hub reflects the coalition’s strong commitment to helping every American understand the all-important broadband issue,” said Fantauzzi. “Increased awareness about the benefits of this transformative technology is imperative in the Hispanic community. ‘IIA en Espanol’ allows Spanish-speaking visitors to learn about the opportunities that broadband technology holds for their children and for improving their own daily lives.”

Many members of Spanish-speaking communities still fall into the broadband unserved and underserved categories, which puts them at a disadvantage as academic advancement and economic development are increasingly dependent on online activities.

“Broadband, or high-speed Internet, has the power to strengthen all communities by equalizing and enabling resources for employment, health care, education and civic engagement,” said David Sutphen, IIA co-chairman. “The Hispanic-American population has the fastest growing presence online with household broadband adoption having jumped from 47 percent in 2007 to 68 percent of English-speaking Hispanics in 2009. They have an important voice in the future of broadband and we welcome them to join our discussion.”

It is important to note that the Pew Internet & American Life Project estimates broadband adoption among non-English speaking Hispanics to be significantly lower. As the U.S. Census Bureau projects that 48 million Hispanics in the U.S. will grow to 132 million by 2050, broadband adoption will become increasingly important for this burgeoning population.

“The wealth of information on the Internet is available equally to all people regardless of age, race or social status,” explained IIA Founder and Co-Chairman Bruce Mehlman. “Despite the fact that these resources are online, they won’t be helpful for those who are not.”

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