During the week of August 13, 2012, ICTV began testing a Spanish language dubbed version of the highly successful US DermaWand infomercial which The Company debuted in November 2011. The initial media test was for approximately $8,500 and was split between Spanish cable networks and local broadcast channels throughout the US market. Gross revenues generated from the initial test were approximately $35,000, generating over a 4.1 media earnings ratio (MER).

For the entire month of August, The Company spent approximately $27,000 is US Hispanic media, which generated approximately $116,000 in gross revenues, for an MER of 4.3. The Company plans a full media rollout for the US Hispanic show in September. If results continue to hold at these levels, ICTV believes it can spend an average of $75,000 or more per week in the US Hispanic market during the 4th quarter of 2012.

In addition to the success of the US Hispanic show, DermaWand continues to set monthly records for sales and MER in the traditional English speaking market. During the month of August, ICTV spent approximately $731,000 in media across all US markets (including web marketing), generating gross revenues for DermaWand sales of approximately $2,200,000.

Sales of the DermaVital skin care line continue to grow as well. As of the end of August, approximately 6,000 customers who purchased a DermaWand were enrolled in the DermaVital continuity program.    In the continuity program, a customer automatically receives a 30 day supply of the DermaVital Pre-Face, Hydra Infusion, and Skin Mist for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Customers can cancel at any time after enrolling in the program. Based on current data, customers on average are staying in the program for just over 3 months.

Richard Ransom, President and CFO of ICTV stated, “The initial success of the US Hispanic version of the DermaWand show is tremendously exciting for ICTV. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment of the US population and DermaWand has never before been directly marketed in Spanish in the United States. ICTV’s management is committed to expanding the DermaWand marketing efforts throughout North America, which should continue to increase The Company’s revenue each quarter.”

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