Ingrid Betancourt was anything but silent this week, as her new book, “No hay silencio que no termine” (Aguilar, 2010), (Even Silence Has an End), rose to the top spot on the Nielsen Bookscan List, the top indicator for the publishing industry in the U.S. The story of the former presidential candidate’s captivity at the hands of FARC (a Colombian terrorist guerrilla organization) captivated readers. Betancourt presents a gripping portrait of her determination to survive the violence and isolation of more than six years in the Colombian jungle and of her spiritual transformation.

The release of “No hay silencio que no termine”, Ms. Betancourt’s first written account of her captivity, caught the attention of important media outlets such as Oprah, CNN, and “The Today Show,” where Ms. Betancourt recounted some of the stories in her book and made news once again with some of her revealing statements.

After interviewing her, Oprah Winfrey said she’d never heard “a more incredible story of survival, of strength, of courage in my life.” Ms. Betancourt told her that her family was her sun, moon and stars, but that she’d felt as if she had frozen their lives. “[I thought], ‘They cannot move on because they’re waiting for me. And this could last for 20 more years,'” she told Oprah.

“No hay silencio que no termine” joins two other Santillana titles on the Nielsen Bookscan’s top ten tier: “Come, reza, ama”, the Spanish-language translation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s blockbuster memoir, “Eat Pray Love”, and “Pide mas, espera mas y obtendras mas”, by popular Latina motivational speaker and radio host, Maria Marin.

Ingrid Betancourt, born December 25, 1961, in Bogota, Colombia, was a politician and presidential candidate celebrated for her determination to combat widespread corruption. In 2002 she was taken hostage by the FARC, a brutal terrorist guerilla organization. For more than six and a half years, the FARC held her hostage in the Colombian jungle. She was rescued on July 2, 2008.

The book, published by Santillana under the editorial imprint Aguilar, is available wherever books are sold nationwide.

SOURCE Santillana USA Publishing

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