Analysis by Bill Mrazek, Social Media Strategist at BodenPR
Infographic by Jessica Bebchik, Graphic Designer at BodenPR 

Each year, the Latin GRAMMY Awards is one of the most-watched shows on televisions. As of 2012, it is now one of the most tweeted about shows, as well. Following BodenPR’s in-depth guide to realtime content and engagement strategy, we have compiled the following analysis and key findings from the social conversations specifically referencing #LatinGRAMMY on Twitter.

Conversation Volume

On Thursday, November 21, there were more than 109,000 mentions of the #LatinGRAMMY hashtag on Twitter. For comparison, we reviewed the tweets of other highly viewed shows that aired on Thursday night that have large social, multicultural audiences. The X Factor’s (U.S.) hashtag for Thursday night was #xfRESULTS, which received 6,034 mentions on Twitter.

Thursday Night Football was referenced approximately 3,240 times, while Thursday night’s NBA games received 14,942 tweets. The most competitive was #Glee’s 54,425 Twitter mentions, which was still 51% smaller than the Latin GRAMMY conversation.

Audience Demographic

Females were talking about the #LatinGRAMMYs the most on Twitter, as they made up 73% of the conversation (approximately 53,000 tweets). Meanwhile, men were also prominent in conversation as they accounted for 27% (approximately 19,000) of tweets during the show.

*Not all Twitter users have designated a gender for their username

Language & Location of Tweets

Approximately 25% (more than 27,000 tweets) of the conversation was in English, with the majority 75% of tweets (82,000) in Spanish. This demonstrates how large the bilingual, multicultural viewer and fan base is. Miami, Fla. hosted the most tweets with 1,030 total, of which 79% were in Spanish and 21% were in English. New York, N.Y. was the city with the most even use of each language, with 66% in Spanish and 34% in English.

Influencers & Retweets

There were multiple influencers on Twitter throughout the night, which included @-mentions and retweets.

Top-3 Most Retweeted

1. @latingrammys (Official Latin Grammy): 5,324 retweets – 17% of all retweets

2. @univision (Univision): 4,888 retweets – 16% of all retweets

3. @uforiamusica (Uforia Musica): 2,167 retweets – 7% of all retweets

Top-3 Most @-Mentioned

1. @marcanthony (Marc Anthony): 4,124 @-mentions – 8% of all @-mentions

2. @latingrammys (Official Latin Grammy): 3,708 @-mentions – 8% of all @-mentions

3. @enrique305 (Enrique Iglesias): 2,832 @-mentions – 6% of all @-mentions

Conversation Topics & Trends

Three main spikes occurred leading up to and during the night. After 7 PM, there was a spike of 9,146 tweets. Artist @LuceroMexico was mentioned more than 250 times, which included Lucero retweeting fans and fellow artists leading up to and during the start of Latin GRAMMYs.

At approximately 8 PM there were an additional 25,304 tweets. @AlejandroSanz’s performance encouraged a large portion of the tweets as he was mentioned more than 3,000 times.  The last half of the evening’s conversations were surrounding performances, as @MarcAnthony, @Enrique305 and @MalumaColumbia received more than 10,700 total mentions after 9 PM.

As real-time communications and strategy surrounding televised events becomes a larger focus for brands and organizations, multicultural marketers will continue to keep an eye on these topics.

Multicultural, social conversation surrounding these live events will not slow down any time soon, so the time to learn how these unique audiences are conducting themselves on social media is now

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