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For startups looking to better market their products and engage with consumers, mastering social media is key.

According to a recent study conducted by ad agency Performics MENA, social networks have become the place of choice for customers looking to communicate with brands. The infographic below shows their findings from users in three countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. 51% of respondents prefer communicating with companies through social networks over making phone calls, while 52% prefer to interact with others over the internet rather than face to face.

Their study also reveals the most popular content types. 70% of respondents said that they are likely to click on a brand’s post if it includes pictures, 58% said video, and 52% like to click on jokes or memes.

While 85% of those who participated in the study have at least one social media account, 61% have two or more and the majority (60%) visits their social networks daily. The study also shows that Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the Middle East. 30% of the participants follow at least five brands in the region (or like their pages).

Entrepreneurs and marketers should consider these trends carefully when crafting a social media marketing strategy. Check out the infographic below to see the most popular content types and activities on social media.

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