NORTHFIELD, Ill –  In celebration of diversity, Kraft Foods Latino Council is honoring Hispanic Heritage Month by hosting the first Chicago-area Consortium of Latino Employee Organizations at its Northfield headquarters.  The effort unites Latino employee councils from 15 major companies to foster networking and the exchange of ideas in attracting and retaining Latino talent.

“Being open and inclusive is one of our core values.  Building relationships with external organizations is the key in connecting with diverse consumers, attracting and retaining talent,” said Jim Norman, Vice President, Diversity, Kraft Foods.  “Hosting this meeting is an important step in continuing the growth and success of our Latino employees.”

In today’s event, representatives of Latino employee councils from several companies will enjoy an informative discussion led by Robert Rodriguez, PhD, Founder and Leader of the Consortium of Latino Employee Organizations and author, “Latino Talent,” for a taste of the essential ingredients in advancing Latino leadership.

“Diversity makes good business sense and that is why corporations want Latino professionals – to better serve the growing Latino market,” said Robert Rodriguez.

Participant companies include Kraft Foods, Abbott Laboratories, Allstate, Cafe Media, Diversity Best Practices, Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement,, Kaplan University, Motorola, National Latino Education Institute and Sears Holdings Corporation, among others.

Kraft Foods Steps Up Hispanic Heritage Month Efforts

Boosting its commitment to provide Latino employees the necessary tools, mentoring and exposure to help them develop at every stage of their careers, the Kraft Foods Latino Council will be hosting a number of events from September 23 – October 22.  The series of networking and development sessions include:

  —  Hosting a career development fair to assist Latino employees to develop their career plans
  —  Latino employees volunteering at a Latino non-profit organization during the company’s global week of service, Make a Delicious
Difference Week
  —  Latino employees from different departments sharing career experiences and providing perspective and success stories during a breakfast with Latino leaders

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