NEW YORK, NY – ImpreMedia has signed an agreement with R. Paniagua, Inc. (RPI), a marketing communications company serving the U.S. Latino market, to develop customized, multiplatform sports programs.  The integrated programs focus on three sports – boxing, baseball and dominoes, sports that enjoy a particularly rich history with the Hispanic market throughout the U.S.

The agreement combines the strengths of impreMedia’s digital, mobile and print platforms with RPI’s expertise in grassroots promotional events. The sports packages will be sold by both impreMedia and RPI on a regional and national level.

“ImpreMedia strives to provide its online viewers and print readers with a best-in-class user experience. Leveraging RPI’s expertise and in-depth knowledge in three sports that are highly relevant to the Hispanic community is yet another way that we can expand our audience relationship,” said Erich G. Linker, Sr. VP Sales, at impreMedia. “Programs customized with relevant and compelling content, up-to-date information, and events that are highly desired by our audience will provide marketers with a rich environment to build their brand and increase sales,” Linker concluded.

RPI will produce customized packages that include tune-in updates on boxing, baseball and dominoes, as well as important matches and upcoming bouts. The information will be disseminated via impreMedia’s network of websites, mobile platforms, social networks and newspapers and supported with grassroots events, providing clients with direct customer contact to expand their relationship. “The programs provide marketing solutions to the universal challenge of customer activation.  Combined with a positive customer experience while engrossed in their passion, the programs will be a great opportunity for marketers,” said Ralph Paniagua Jr., President and CEO of RPI.

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