iHispano.com, an online job site focusing on the career aspirations of Latino professionals nationwide, is redefining the modern-day job search with a host of state-of-the-art career tools and business networking resources. Since its inception in 1999, iHispano.com has continued to grow the size of its online community and the number of job listings, professional networking groups, social networking opportunities, career advice and other tools available to its members, completely free of charge. In the process the site has built a loyal community of Hispanic professionals committed to helping each other achieve their career goals.

The iHispano.com model expands far beyond the features offered by traditional job sites, where posting a resume and searching through endless job listings feels like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. iHispano.com features over 100,000 job postings from virtually every industry posted by star American companies. In addition, members of the Latino community can access an impressive list of practical career development tools and resources including:

  • Job listings
  • Business networking groups
  • Career resources and toolkits
  • Social networking (chats, blogs, forums and the ability to connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Gmail accounts)
  • Mentor matching
  • Special events
  • Business directory
  • Community help

For more information on the extensive resources available to Latino professionals via the iHispano.com professional online community, visit their website today at www.ihispano.com.

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