The following PR Tools Video Review shows why we believe Hispanic MEDIAbase is one of the most solid tools in the marketplace for PR professionals tasked with conducting Hispanic media relations.

DISCLOSURE: PR Newswire is a sponsor of this blog but the views expressed in this review are not influenced or edited by PR Newswire.  We encourage you to take the same test drive of the service featured here as PR Newswire is honoring a special rate of $700 exclusively for Hispanic PR Blog readers who mention this story.  Make your own judgment.

2 thoughts on “If you do Hispanic media relations, check out why Hispanic MEDIAbase is a solid tool to consider”
  1. I actually called and went through a test session with one of the reps. There were a lot of magazines with the wrong information (editors names and emails) as well as missing publications. They dont have Website traffic information which is a must and in general it was a bit lacking. that said once it does get all the right information it will probably be a useful database.

  2. Thanks for adding your feedback. My experience, and probably yours too, is that anytime you have a database of this magnitude (4,500 contacts) you are going to have some of that. It’s hard work but I think overall the database has the folks you need and is the best thing to cross reference your own contacts with.

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