When I started writing part two of my “Facebook: The Latino Way” column, the below tweet came to my mind.

I could replace the word “people” with “Latinos” and it would make even more sense, especially considering the social nature of Hispanics. As Jerry Rocha, VP of media solutions at Nielsen, shared at ad:tech, 62 percent of Hispanics participated in social networking vs. 38 percent of non-Hispanic whites.

Facebook is the place where Latinos hang out, interact, and look for information. Facebook has become an open diary where all relevant (and sometimes trivial) experiences are posted and shared with all our friends, fans, and followers.

Some marketers like to use the expression “consumer generated content.” But for consumers, life is about creating (and sharing) experiences, not content. The conversations and experiences are authored by the public; brands should act as curators.

Humanizing Your Social Media Approach

As we discussed in the previous column, humanizing is about being consumer-centric. Like Nike, that speaks from a point of passion and has no promotions on its entire Facebook wall. Or Pampers, that centers the conversation around real mothers’ stories on the “pequeños milagros” (“small miracles”), the way Latina mothers refer to their unique experience of having a baby.

Let’s review how other brands are creating a more personal and human experience with Latino consumers.

Read the entire article by Gustavo Razzetti at ClickZ.

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