Submitting a killer session idea for the Hispanicize event is easy if you understand the keys to crafting a winning session.  As the final extended deadline for submitting proposals and speakers approaches Friday, November 6th, here’s the ultimate guide on how get your session or panel chosen for Hispanicize 2016.

Remember the Who and the What of Hispanicize

The Hispanicize event is a multi-industry event with an audience that is almost entirely comprised of professionals from multicultural social media, marketing (advertising, PR and online), journalism, entertainment and entrepreneurship.  With the exception of some journalism sessions that the National Association of Hispanic Journalists are creating, almost all the sessions of Hispanicize 2016 are in English.

Two themes that will resonate with the event strongly next year are sessions featuring brand new research or macro or micro trends in any of the Hispanic and/or multicultural industries  mentioned before.

Types of Sessions

Every industry represented at Hispanicize 2016 will feature one or more of the following types of sessions: 1. Case studies with behind-the-success insights, 2. New research findings, 3. Industry trends and State of Industry panels, 4. Practical, How-to Training Workshops, and 5. Thought Leadership talks (think TedX-type solo presentations).

Intermediate to Advanced 

For 2016 we are almost always now looking for content that is intermediate to advanced.  There are some exceptions to this rule but overwhelmingly we are looking for content that is advanced.


Practical, Actionable Advice/Tips

Generally speaking our experience demonstrates that the best sessions are always going to be those that offer practical, actionable insights.  You’ve been in those sessions before.  They are the ones that force you to take notes, snap photos with your phone and text your colleagues.  Those are the killer sessions we want you to bring to Hispanicize 2016.

Offbeat and Crazy Ideas Are Welcomed

Hispanicize 2016 is seeking irreverent content ideas so don’t be shy to suggest a session that defies convention or what’s politically correct.  We’re betting that some of the more offbeat sessions will be the 15- to 20-minute talks we’re going to host every day of Hispanicize.

Speaker Submissions are ALSO accepted

If you don’t have a specific session idea but have subject matter expertise in any topic that you would like to be considered a speaker or panelist for, let us know.  Every year we place senior-level speakers in a wide variety of sessions.

Don’t Recycle 

If you recently presented a session idea at another conference, don’t bother submitting it to Hispanicize 2016.  We require original content only.

You Don’t Have to Be Latino!

Hispanicize 2016 is inclusive of everybody (Latino and non-Latino speakers alike) but does require that the topics or themes presented be related OR of interest to U.S. Hispanic and/or Puerto Rico target audiences/markets.  (Yes, we define Puerto Rico as part of the U.S. Hispanic market).

No Commercials – PLEASE!

The most irritating thing anyone has ever done at a session is present a live, blatantly strong commercial about their company disguised as content.  If that is even on your mind, don’t bother.

A Very Competitive Selection Process

As in years past, more than 80% of all the sessions of Hispanicize will be curated or created by the national advisory board of the event.  In fact, this year we’re more advanced in this process than ever before so make sure you’re session ideas are solid, fresh and proof read before submitting them to us.

How to Structure Your Session Ideas

Now that you know everything we are and aren’t looking for you might be asking yourself how does Hispanicize want us to structure our session submissions?  Glad you asked!  Below are several session descriptions we believe are examples of a perfectly presented session idea:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.15.59 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.16.25 AM

Well, that’s it.  If you have any questions be sure to contact and note that the majority of the sessions will be selected by late November/early December.  We will notify EVERYBODY who submits a session idea by email about whether or not they were chosen by no later than December.

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