Original Penguin by Munsingwear’s first global social media-based marketing campaign, from independent advertising agency La Comunidad, is centered on the legendary Original Penguin Jacket and inspired by its incredible story of being rediscovered after 40 years.

Promoting a conversation between the brand and its fans through an iconic symbol of its past, the Jacket¹s social media profiles host witty, multi-media content  including photos, videos and commentary updated on a daily basis. Reminiscing about its glorious past, sharing its perspective on pop culture, documenting its adventures and whereabouts and sharing gems of wisdom and inspiration along the way, the Jacket engages with consumers in real time around originally created content.

Original Penguin Jacket links:


  • Title: Hot Rope
  • Client / Product: Original Penguin / Original Penguin Jacket
  • Medium: Digital
  • Agency: la comunidad
  • City / Country: Miami, USA
  • Executive Creative Directors: Jose Molla, Joaquin Molla
  • Creative Director: Rodrigo Butori and Ramiro Raposo
  • Copywriter: Jane Cronk, Kathy Hepinstall, João Caetano Brasil
  • Art Director: Chelsea Cumings, Peele Lemos
  • Head of Production: Laurie Malaga
  • Producer: Mercy Leonard
  • Photo Artist: Massimo Leone
  • Account Supervisor: Christina Sibilio, Maria Van Thienen
  • Production Co.: All Day Everyday
  • Director: Jake Sumner
  • Director of Photography: Eli Born
  • Executive Producer/Producer: Lucy Cooper/Jett Steiger
  • Post Production: Union Editorial
  • Editor & Company: Mike Colao and Union Editorial
  • Senior Producer: Jen Hargreaves
  • Music and Sound: The Lodge
  • Composer: Damian Sims
  • Sound Mixer: John Northcraft
  • Creative Directors:Erich Hillebrecht, Colin Thibadeau

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