HolaDoctor aims to be “the most comprehensive Spanish-language health and wellness digital network available today.”


HolaDoctor has launched its mobile application, MiDieta, created to control weight in a healthy fashion. MiDieta is the only personalized platform that enables users to create healthy menus to reduce weight using the largest cookbook of Latin American recipes, with more than 3,000 recipes.

This App lets users keep track of the progress they make in losing weight, as well as measures to achieve a healthy body without extra weight. Drawing on a selection of ingredients and foods that are part of Latin cuisine, the application creates a personalized diet based on the preferences and nutritional needs of Hispanics.

Nutrition specialists for Hispanics both in Latin America as well as the United States have designed this unique platform that was first launched in a web version, and is now appearing as a mobile application.

The new application also enables users to keep track of their weight on a daily basis, and draw up shopping lists.

MiDieta App is available on iOS and Android totally for free in the United States, and at a cost of US $1.99 for Android users in Latin America.


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