By Mark Washburn

Norberto Sanchez, who owns a group of Spanish-language radio stations, says he is in talks to acquire a low-power TV frequency that would become Charlotte’s first Hispanic television station.

Sanchez’s Norsan Media Group already controls three radio stations and the Hispanic weekly newspaper Hola Noticias in Charlotte.

“All that we’re missing is the TV component to close out the 360-degree approach,” says Sanchez.

Sanchez is CEO of Norsan Media, which operates media properties in the Southeast from its headquarters on East Independence Boulevard.

Sanchez says Norsan is examining two low-power, UHF frequencies in Charlotte that could carry the station. He expects to announce details of the venture within two months.

Low-power TV stations were authorized by the FCC Communication Commission in the 1980s to serve as small-area broadcasters or carry booster signals for distant stations. Typically, they have a reach of about 20 miles, depending on power.

Sanchez says he realizes the Hispanic market in Charlotte is not large enough to justify the investment in a full-power station, but hopes that a low-power one would be picked up by providers like Time Warner Cable or DirectTV.


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