When we talk about ethnicity and the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States, our society — and the media that report on it — tend not to be as inclusive as they should be. Too many times, Latinos are either excluded, lumped in with other groups or not given enough of their own spotlight.

That is problematic, because HIV/AIDS deeply and disproportionately impacts Latinos in the United States: Of the 1.1 million Americans living with HIV/AIDS in this country, more than 200,000 of them are Hispanic, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Latinas account for roughly 19 percent of all newly diagnosed HIV cases in the U.S., and are infected at a rate four times higher than Caucasian women. Meanwhile, the incidence rate among Hispanic/Latino men is twice as high as that of Caucasian men.

Despite these numbers, media attention to — and culturally specific resources for — Latinos are often severely limited, leading to less understanding, inadequate advocacy and a persistent stigma against HIV/AIDS within Latino communities.

This is why TheBody.com created its new HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Latinos, devoted to providing much-needed information and support to Latinos living with, or at risk for, HIV.

“The HIV epidemic in America consists of so many different fires, each raging within a different community,” says Myles Helfand, Editorial Director of TheBody.com. “Too often, the epidemic among Latinos gets less attention than it needs because our country is too distracted by the fires in other communities. We hope this new resource center helps renew the focus on providing Latinos with resources to help them thrive if they’re HIV positive, and help them better understand the virus if they’re HIV negative.”

The HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Latinos will feature a broad array of new, Latino-focused articles and resources, as well as a trove of existing and relevant HIV/AIDS content that has long existed on TheBody.com, much of which will be available in Spanish as well as English. The HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Latinos will include:

  • Up Close & Personal: Interviews with Latinos who are living and thriving with HIV, thereby putting a face to the epidemic, helping to reduce stigma and reminding people that they are not alone.
  • Movers & Shakers: Profiles of talented and dedicated individuals who are part of the driving force behind efforts to end the HIV epidemic in Latino communities.
  • Bloggers & Guest Writers: An inspiring selection of Latino HIV/AIDS community members who discuss their take on current events, personal experiences and HIV policy.
  • Special Reports: An ongoing collection of articles that examine key issues impacting HIV rates and life with HIV in Latino communities, including the harmful effects of machismo and anti-gay stigma, perceptions of HIV among Latinos, and profiles of organizations dedicated to fighting and treating HIV among Latino men, women and children.
  • News & Research: Access to TheBody.com’s ever-expanding library of articles on HIV/AIDS among Latinos, including original content and content produced by dozens of media partners in the HIV/AIDS community.

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