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Facebook Like ButtonFacebook’s new “talking about” feature has everybody buzzing. This automatically deployed tool reports on what their friends are “talking about” by providing instantaneous updates in their news feeds. No one is more interested to see what new information these changes will yield than marketers.

One emerging trend that’s raised the attention of digital marketers is what this new “Talking About” feature reveals about Hispanic social media users. According to data reported by ClickZ News, Hispanic users are more likely to “talk about” a business or organization than they are to “like” them. Even more revealing is the fact that the many “popular” sites geared towards Hispanics aren’t the ones that generate the most discussion.

For example, Facebook en Espanol has collected nearly 9,500,000 “likes,” however, only 1.7 percent of the users who say they like it have engaged in discussion or link sharing. Conversely, Wendy’s Latino, a page with only around 3,700 “likes” has had even more success getting people to “talk about” its page – nearly 50 percent of users who like it contribute to the site in another way.

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