There’s been quite a buzz about the new report from The Futures Company,  “Hispanics in 2025,” which identifies the future mix and structure of Hispanics in the marketplace.

This thought-leadership report explores the rapidly and dramatically changing pillars of Latino culture and the extent to which these changes will affect the ability of marketers to target Hispanic consumers simply by studying acculturation. Many of the aspects that define Latino culture, such as traditional family structure, religion and spirituality, economic opportunity and immigration are waning in importance. This weakening of Latino culture is coupled with the strengthening pull of the market forces of mainstream society.

J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman and author of the report notes: “There are many reasons to wonder whether the up-and-coming generation of Hispanics will be able to get by without adding some dimensionality beyond Latino culture to its definition of identity and success. Economic necessity and market forces are going to present them with the need to cultivate more mainstream routes to success.”

In its projection of Hispanics in 2025, this analysis identifies eight Hispanic market and cultural segments that will define the future Hispanic marketplace. This marketplace will demand new approaches from brands and strategies rooted more in the dynamics of “navigation” and “curation” than the simplistic “association” with Latino culture that has been most characteristic of Hispanic marketing in years past.

Smith adds: “The future is not simply more of what we see in the marketplace today. The marketplace itself will be tougher, yet also richer in diversity, sharper in distinctiveness and more generous in possibilities. But much more than Latino culture alone will matter.”

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