This week’s Hispanic PR Blog interview is with Hispanic PR Pro and blogger Susie Albin-Najera who through  her blog The Mexico Report focuses on the histories of  unsung heroes, community stories, hot travel spots, eco friendly hotels, organic products and Mexican entrepreneurs.

HPRB: Tell us about your self, any relevant journalism experience you have and why you started your blog?

I am a freelance writer and a public relations, marketing and communications consultant specializing in the U.S. Hispanic market. I’ve been lucky to work with some fantastic clients during the past 12 years and when my husband’s show went to Broadway, I was able to serve as Hispanic Press Rep. As a freelance writer, I was first published nearly 10 years ago in a Mexico travel magazine that catered to affluent travelers. Since I have traveled to Mexico extensively, it was a great fit for my writing.  Since then, I’ve been published consistently in several different publications promoting Latino culture, lifestyle and Mexico travel and tourism.
The reason I started my blog was because I wanted to showcase the positive side of Mexico. Everyday headlines about Mexico are not so favorable which greatly affects people’s decision making and often repels them from visiting Mexico. My goal was (and remains) to be the positive voice of Mexico in America, to be its ambassador and liaison. For example, I just spent 10 minutes convincing the bank teller why he should go to Mexico for his next vacation.
HPRB: How did you become so in love with Mexico?

When I was very young, we used to spend every summer in San Diego and my aunt would take us to Tijuana all the time to eat, grocery shop or just visit. The border was a bit more porous at that time. My aunt had traveled extensively throughout Mexico, learned to speak Spanish conversationally and always spoke very highly of the country.  I started learning Spanish and went with my mom to Puerto Vallarta after high school. (My parents spent their honeymoon there in 1964.) After that trip, I was hooked. I made several trips every year subsequent and after college, traveled extensively through Oaxaca and Chiapas and back up again to Jalisco. (My degree at San Jose State University was in Communications/Mexican-American studies and was accepted into the Masters program in Latin American studies.) I then moved to San Diego to be closer to Mexico and became very involved in the Hispanic community. I have always had an affinity for Mexico and my whole life has been dedicated and devoted to Mexico and its culture.
HPRB: Who is the target audience of your blog and what data can you provide us about the size of your audience?

Definitely suited to all markets and ethnicities (English-dominant or bilingual, mainly age 25-60); culture seekers, technology-driven, social media savvy professionals, consumers, those with an affinity for travel and adventure.
HPRB: What makes your blog unique and when did you first start blogging?

My blog is unique in that focuses on Mexico everywhere, not just in Mexico.  I find the ‘Mexico’ in everything, for example, one of my upcoming articles is a true Mexican-American success story based in Napa, CA on braceros who worked hard, saw the opportunity and built an empire. My blog appeals to both sides of the spectrum: those who love Mexico and those who just want to know more. It also incorporates people, places and things all related to Mexico. The majority of my material is evergreen so someone can visit the blog two years from now and still see why they should volunteer or study Spanish in Mexico.
I first started blogging only eight months ago. I jumped on Blogger, then switched to WordPress.  I asked questions, listened to others and taught myself. There are so many stories to tell and blogging was the perfect platform to showcase my material in a way that was professional and experienced yet told with a real voice.
HPRB: In addition to your blog, you are the mother of three kids, you’re married to a successful Latin playwright /actor/comedian Rick Najera and you do PR.  How do you make it all happen?

Rick and I work 24/7 and wear numerous hats. Since we don’t have family in LA, it’s hard to juggle it all but we do it.  We have babysitters and we also take time to enjoy our kids, play with them and do a lot of day trips on the weekends. We also travel to Mexico with our kids.  But there is never a dull moment in our house.  I’m an entrepreneur at heart so I always want to create more and more.
HPRB: Do you have any accompanying Twitter, Facebook or other social media contact information you would like to share?

A: HPRB: What is your blog’s web address and how frequently do you update your posts?
Since the blog is article -based, I update it between two and five times a month. It’s currently in the works to also be offered as a digital magazine.
HPRB: What is the key contact information for you and or your blog?

Susie Albin-Najera
c/o The MEXICO Report
P.O. Box 17921
Encino, CA 91416-7921
Cell: (213)500-7837
HPRB: What topics are of special interest to your blog and which ones are definitely not?

I’m interested in reporting on unsung heroes, community stories, hot travel spots, eco friendly hotels, organic products, Mexican entrepreneurs, those living and working in Mexico and those who are good representatives of Mexico. I won’t go political because it divides people too much and I’m about uniting.
HPRB: What are the best days and hours to reach you and/or your staff with a specific type of story or interview?  What are the worst days/times?

I can be reached 24/7 on email. And if you email me at 3am, I will probably email you back.
HPRB: What are your policies in terms of accepting press kits, photos and/or multimedia video files?

I can accept an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), high resolution photos and multimedia video files upon request.
HPRB: Is there anything you would like to add about your blog or about working with you?

My goal is to be one of the most valuable and trusted online resources available for positive reports on Mexico; if someone wants to read or research positive reports about Mexico, they know they can go to The MEXICO Report. I would love to incorporate contributors, an editor, more technology, videos but I need funding first and that’s where sponsors (or donors) would come in very handy. I love the idea of blog sponsors. It would also be great for other sites to carry my RSS feed. I love what I’m doing so it’s full speed ahead.  
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