This week’s Hispanic print media profile is with Extra Newspaper of Chicago, one of the nation’s leading bilingual weeklies.  Managing Editor Silvana Tabares recently caught up with us to explain how public relations professionals can work with them for stories and interview opportunities.  Extra Newspaper is one of many publications that will be represented at the annual National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) convention set for Albuquerque, March 10-14, 2010.  


HPRB: What is the circulation, frequency and geographic boundaries of your newspaper?  

SILVANA TABARES: EXTRA Newspapers audited circulation is 65,193.  It is published weekly on Thursdays.  Its primary distribution areas are through the many Hispanic neighborhoods within the City of Chicago as well as the close-by suburbs, such as Cicero, Berwyn, and Franklin Park.

HPRB: What makes your newspaper stand out in your market?

SILVANA TABARES: EXTRA focuses its editorial content on local news, local entertainment, and support for community nonprofit organizations.  We supplement our typical ongoing community coverage with special topical supplements that focus on health, financial literacy, education, politics, and the celebration of important Hispanic holidays.

HPRB: What is the demographic profile of your key readership audiences?

SILVANA TABARES: EXTRA bilingual format is especially geared to the higher educated 21 to 54 year old audience that is raising a family in the community.  It is a multi-generation newspaper where the first generation generally reads the newspaper in Spanish.  The second and third generation generally prefers to read the newspaper in English.

HPRB: What is your publication’s web address and how frequently do you update your web site?

SILVANA TABARES: EXTRA’s web site is  The entire editorial content is updated weekly on the website.  It also compliments the printed newspaper with more frequent updates, as needed.  When appropriate, supplemental material such as additional photos, videos, and other editorial content is posted exclusively on the web.

HPRB: What is your approach to publishing news content online?  How often do you post stories and what percent of your stories do you post?

SILVANA TABARES: All printed stories are posted online and released concurrently with the print date.  In additional, supplemental material is posted as appropriate.

HPRB: Who are some of the key media contacts at your publication and what kind of stories/topics do each of them cover and which ones you don’t?

SILVANA TABARES is the Managing Editor. Technology, financial literacy, health, and education are regular key topic areas.  Stories that can be turned into a local angle are of particular interest. Stories around national and international news are of minimal interest.

HPRB: What are the best days and hours to reach your staff with a specific type of story or interview?  What is the worst?

SILVANA TABARES: The best days to reach the editorial newsroom to pitch stories are Thursday and Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM.  The worst days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday morning.  Preferred method of contact is email,

HPRB: What are your policies in terms of accepting press kits, photos, and or multimedia video files?

SILVANA TABARES: Please e-mail press kits, press releases, and photos to  Please copy and paste press release into the body of the e-mail instead of attaching to the email.  Photos must be high resolution.  Please do not FAX material.  Most press releases are rewritten and edited to reflect the interests and needs of our readers.

HPRB: Is there anything you would like to add about your publication or about working with your newspaper?

SILVANA TABARES: EXTRA has been serving the community for almost 30 years with award winning journalism.  It was one of the first woman-owned newspapers in America and is a W/MBE certified publication.  The entire publication is bilingual, which means that every story appears in its entirety in both Spanish and English.  We prefer to receive the material in English.  If Spanish is also available, please also include.

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