Hispanicize launches 2015 #HispanicizeRewind Video Series with media entrepreneurship sessions


Organizers of the Hispanicize Event on Wednesday launched the annual #HispanicizeRewind Video Series with a batch of four new videos from the Media Entrepreneurship for Hispanic Journalists sessions that were held at Hispanicize 2015.

The Media Entrepreneurship for Hispanic Journalists sessions were sponsored by Wells Fargo, the event’s official bank partner and produced by students from the Miami Media School.

“This ongoing series on media entrepreneurship resonates strongly for Hispanic journalists at a time when many of them are literally redefining their careers and even experimenting with new business models,” said Manny Ruiz, founder of the Hispanicize event and himself a former journalist turned media entrepreneur.

The four sessions now available for viewing on the Hispanicize Event YouTube page (https://www.youtube.com/user/HispanicizeEvent) are:

Fifty Shades of Green

(YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-ajNcXfb1U)

This popular session focused on the latest ways digital content creators can creatively monetize your blog, vlogs and other digital footprints. The session explored the many different business models successful digital influencers are using to generate revenue, tips on monetizing, How to create your own niche business model based on your interests and key mistakes to avoid. The session featured Lynn Ponder, Founder, Web City Girls; Matt Cherry, Founder, iBlog magazine; Kathy Cano-Murillo, Founder of Crafty Chica; and Lori Ruff, Chief Brand Evangelist, ALPFA.org, The Linked In Diva. The session was moderated by Ricardo Velazquez, Business Development Officer, Wells Fargo.


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