Building on the success of their annual Hispanicize event, organizers today announced the launch of Hispanicize HX, a regional events platform that starting in September will unite Latino influencers in 10 cities from the industries of journalism, blogging, music, marketing, film and business.

Hispanicize HX are dynamic regional events that will feature “TED Talks”-type presentations, high caliber networking and live music and/or DJs.

Powered by sister company Hispanicize Wire and working with regional media and partner organizations across the nation, Hispanicize HX events will take place from early September through early November in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta and Washington, DC.

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One thought on “Hispanicize HX launches as dynamic, regional events that unite nation’s most influential Latino thought leaders”
  1. my suggestion for the latin American community,voluntary guests of this country,is touse the force of our ideas to save our western civilization,avoiding the use of force to find solutions to the world
    in general,guiding our future leaders to find a solution;other that brutal force in dealing with others powers…..
    That shouldbe a mission for us ,and an opportunity to use votes and not bullets….
    There is so much to do!!!

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