Hispanicize this week shared a new video to promote this year’s Hispanicize event.

The 38-second video, produced by Miami-based agency República, showcases some of the highlights from this year’s event, and features many cameos from attendees in different industries.

Hispanicize 2015 will be held March 16th through March 20th at the Intercontinental Miami, and promises to be the “next big thing.”

“God willing, I believe we will deliver engagement, entertainment and connections at a level that exceeds our standards and everybody else’s,” stated Manny Ruiz, founder and CEO of Hispanicize, on his Facebook page. “We’ve done a lot of homework to ensure Hispanicize 2015 is a more creative, ambitious, engaging, entertaining and relevant event than anything anybody could ever imagine,” Ruiz said in May, when the event was first announced. 


Click below to watch the video:


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