Town Hall will be a national live-streamed event joined by national experts, media and elected officials


On the 20th anniversary of Cesar Chavez’s passing and just months after the presidential election in which U.S. Hispanics cast the decisive votes, Hispanicize (@Hispanicize) and Friends of the American Latino Museum (@LatinoMuseum) gather a who’s who of Hispanic cultural, media, entertainment and political thought leaders to tackle one of the most vexing questions Latinos often ask themselves: Who is our modern day Cesar Chavez?


A recent Pew Hispanic Center survey suggests Latinos do not have a national leader.  What opportunities are we losing if we fail to have a strong, dynamic national spokesperson, such as Gloria Steinem for the women’s movement or Jesse Jackson for the Black community? Or are we doing just fine without one?


In partnership with the Friends of the American Latino Museum – who will live stream this cultural summit to its 325,000 subscribers (including over 250,000 Facebook and Twitter followers) – Hispanicize 2013 (#HISPZ13) will present one of the most culturally stimulating discussions ever witnessed about where Latinos truly stand in America today. Join us for an interactive ‘town hall’ stylized meeting that will conclude with actionable next steps that may well help change history.


“With over 50 million American Latinos in this nation, strong Latino leadership is vital to ensuring our community’s voice is heard,” said Cid Wilson, Board Chair for the Friends of the American Latino Museum. “We are proud to partner with Hispanicize for this panel that will highlight our cultural leaders throughout history while building recommendations to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.”


This special, interactive session will discuss:


  • A historic overview of Latino leadership from the Chicano and civil rights movement era to present day
  • Industry snapshots of where Latinos stand in the cultural and political map of modern day America
  • The complex cultural and political divisions that challenge the Latino community’s ability to unite behind just one leader
  • A look at what has changed – or not – since the largest Latino voter turnout in U.S. election history and the re-election of President Barack Obama


The MC for the session will be Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D., Founding Editor, The Wise Latina Club and Host, Hispanic Business Today on NBC.



Helen Aguirre Ferré, Award winning journalist and Host of “Zona Politica con Helen Aguirre”

Fernando Espuelas, Host of “El Show de Fernando Espuelas”, Univision America



Maria Cardona, Democratic strategist, CNN Contributor and Principal at Dewey Square Group

Jim Estrada, Founder of Estrada Communications Group, Inc. and Author, “The ABCs and Ñ of

America’s Cultural Evolution”

Charles P. Garcia, Partner, Garcia Trujillo, LLC and Latino Rebels and Author “A Message from Garcia”

Rick Najera, Writer/Director and Author of “Almost White”

Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of “Enrique’s Journey”

Leslie Sanchez, Republican strategist, author and founder/CEO of Impacto Group LLC


This special event has been made possible with the support of AARP.

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