If you haven’t visited the Hispanicize website today, please do. And be sure to read the latest post by Manny Ruiz, the  mastermind behind the Hispanic PR Blog and Hispanicize event. In addition to wrapping up his thoughts about this year’s event, and expressing his gratitude to all the wonderful people who helped make Hispanicize 2012 possible, he shares his thoughts about what the annual conference has become — a Cultural Catalyst.

I always intended for Hispanicize 2012 to be an unprecedented showcase for Latinos in social media, PR, advertising, blogging, film and business but what took place last week was much more profound.

Based on the reception the event has received from media, celebrities and most attendees alike, Hispanicize is now arguably one of the most significant annual gatherings of Latino thought leaders, trendsetters and cultural influencers in the nation.

Despite much room for improvement (we always have that), I am especially encouraged that what most people say about it is that it was totally inspiring.

At a time in our nation’s history when Latinos are under siege for retaining their cultural identity, it’s humbling to hear that this event has become a major cultural catalyst to inspire and propel Latinos forward towards success whatever their field of interest may be.

You can check out the post here, and view all the fun pictures from Hispanicize 2012 on Flickr, too.

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