Hispanic Vote has officially registered as the 1st Hispanic Conservative Super PAC by the FEC. The mission of Hispanic Vote is to enable and connect with 21.7 million eligible Hispanic voters, specifically the younger generation and registered Independents in 2012 and future elections.

Hispanic Vote will be the leading source of real-time access to “The Conservative Message.” Hispanic Vote is designed to be a portal/destination for content, with an interactive blog of information, live video streaming programs, engagement with Twitter & Facebook tools, while providing a discussion of topics and polls related to political and conservative campaign conversations.

Founders DJ Garcia and Laura Ramirez Drain said: “We are clear and concise on Hispanic Vote’s message, to convey the Conservative Principals: Limited Government, A Strong National Defense, A Free Market Economy and Traditional Values.”

According to an AOL Cyber Study, 46% of Hispanics online are under the age of 35 compared to just 28% of the U.S. internet population, and numerous studies indicate that Hispanics spend more hours connected online than the general population. Reaching Hispanics who are making decisions based on social media content is an untapped market in the conservative political arena; therefore Hispanic Votewill be the leader in bridging the gap.

CPAC: Hispanic Votewill be present during the three day CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) event in Washington D.C. (February 9th-11th) as a co-sponsor and exhibitor. They are scheduled to hold a kick-off event and media opportunity, beginning at 4pm on February 10th in the Taft Room of the Marriot Wardman Park Hotel.

For more information visit: www.HispanicVote.com, Twitter @hispanicvote or Facebook/hispanicvote.

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