Multimedia program set to air across United States beginning in August

FOX Deportes and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) are teaming up to promote higher education access for Hispanic students through a nationwide educational campaign. The campaign will feature a public service announcement and on-air FOX Deportes talent support beginning in August and through 2013.

FOX Deportes will support HSF and its educational measure by launching a public service campaign across TV, radio and social media, building awareness for the resources available for college education and informing viewers how they can contribute to HSF. HSF’s mission is to strengthen the country by advancing the level of college education among Hispanic Americans, and is committed to helping achieve the goal of having a college degree in every Latino household.

“Latinos are the new face of America and are assuming leadership roles across all sectors including business, medicine and politics,” said Vincent Cordero, General Manager & Executive Vice President at FOX Deportes. “Therefore, Latino higher educational achievement is pivotal for our nation’s future. We are proud to join the Hispanic Scholarship Fund in its mission to invest in the future of America.”

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is the nation’s largest not-for-profit organization supporting Hispanic higher education. More than $360 million in scholarships have been awarded to Latinos over the past 37 years, supporting a broad range of education programs to guide students and their families starting with the initial stages of their college application process and into employment opportunities after graduation.

“We are grateful to FOX Deportes for its support of HSF and our Generation 1st Degree initiative to place a college degree in every Latino household across the country,” says Frank Alvarez, President and CEO of HSF. “Once there is college grad in the house, others in the family realize they too can pursue and earn a college education, creating an enduring impact for generations. FOX Deportes will play a key role in advancing our mission by delivering to their Spanish-speaking audiences the importance of having a college degree.”

The first campaign commercial viewers will see on FOX Deportes emphasizes education’s role in improving society. To learn more about the campaign viewers can log on to the dedicated page on the FOX Deportes website and will be redirected to where they can learn more about HSF’s initiative and make a donation to help make a difference in a young Latino’s life.

6 thoughts on “Hispanic Scholarship Fund teams up with FOX Deportes for National Education Campaign”
  1. What about the non-latino students, don’t they need an extra help by funding their education? I believe for an education everybody should be targeted not just a specific group even if the help come from Fox Deportes…

  2. Oh, sorry. The Caucasian scholarship commercial must have come on earlier. I’ll have to look out for it. Kind of like when I was college and everyone around me of a different race or sex was able to qualify for some time of assistance.

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