Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Hispanic Scholarship FundThe Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) announced today a new partnership with Staples Foundation, the private foundation created by Staples to expand educational outreach and scholarship opportunities for Hispanic students and their families. As part of this partnership, Staples Foundation is awarding a $100,000 grant to fund community outreach programming and 22 Staples scholarships for Latino college students majoring in business.

In addition to scholarships and support for educational outreach, this partnership includes an investment in HSF’s career center, which promotes employment opportunities for Hispanic college graduates. The career center will feature job opportunities for HSF alumni and other Hispanic college students seeking positions at Staples.

This is the first partnership between HSF and Staples, and it builds on Staples Foundation’s longstanding commitment to providing equal educational access to underserved youth. Addressing the financial and cultural barriers that keep many Latinos from earning a college degree, the partnership will provide youth with opportunities to achieve their full potential through education and job skills development, while building on Staples’ own diversity and inclusion initiatives for acquiring and retaining talent.

The partnership begins as HSF continues to build its Generation 1st Degree initiative, a growing effort to close the “degree gap” that exists between Hispanic students and their peers. With Generation 1st Degree, HSF seeks to dramatically increase the number of Latino college graduates by ensuring at least one person in each Hispanic household earns a college degree.

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