With its affluent, diverse Hispanic population and Spanish media presence, Miami is gaining a reputation as the ideal place to roll out products targeting the broader Hispanic market.

“Miami is the epicenter for national brands trying to launch in the Latino market because the Hispanic media is based here,” said Mike Valdés-Fauli, president of The Jeffrey Group Miami.” People all over the country are coming to our backyard to communicate with Hispanics across the country.

“It’s been said for a long time, but Miami really is the gateway to the Americas. We have US Hispanic media outlets like Univision getting some of their content from Mexico, and others such as CNN en Español creating content in the US and then distributing it across Latin America. That creates a cross-flow of information.”

>With offices in New York City, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, The Jeffrey Group bills itself as the largest independent communications agency targeting Latin America.

“One of the interesting things about Miami is that Latinos here are the general market,” Mr. Valdés-Fauli said. “They now represent well over 50% of the population, so they’re not so much of a niche market anymore.”

Read the entire article at Miami Today.


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