Bernardo Public Relations (BPR) seeks a BILINGUAL GRASSROOTS EDUCATOR/PROMOTORA for a campaign with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there is a part-time Grassroots Educator/Promotora position available in Florida supporting the “Spot the Block” campaign. 

The Grassroots Educator/Promotora will work within faith institutions, retail stores, local libraries, youth centers, YMCAs, and other such community centers to provide outreach, disseminate campaign messages and ensure that the Stop the Block and nutritional label awareness remains top of mind among the Hispanic community. 

The position will start in January – June 2010. 

Stipend available.


Sandra Bernardo, Consultant 

Bernardo Public Relations (BPR) is a boutique public relations and marketing communications agency with expertise in reaching Multicultural communities and executing mass market efforts

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