The Hispanic PR industry has always been the stepbrother of the Hispanic ad profession so it’s no surprise that when it comes to coverage from the Latino marketing trade media, Hispanic PR still gets mostly lost in the shuffle.  With all due respect to my friends in the Hispanic market trades, it’s time that the Hispanic PR industry got its own voice back.  That’s why today, nearly two years after I published the last issue of the well regarded monthly newsletter The Hispanic PR Monitor, I am going back to my publishing roots with The Hispanic PR Blog.

If you are PR or marketing pro that is specifically interested in a comprehensive view of Hispanic PR, this is your place.  This blog will be your resource for stories, news, links, podcasts and more focused on Hispanic PR marketing.  Through my voice and those of many others who lead this niche industry, the Hispanic PR Blog will become the PR industry’s most complete source for news, insights and opinions regarding Hispanic PR marketing.  My goal with this blog (and the accompanying Twitter account, www.twitter.com/hispanicpr) will be to elevate the industry and to make this forum a central point of conversation for many of you who I fondly call friends, colleagues and/or clients.

In order to make this blog a powerful resource, however, I need your help.  I need your content and story submissions sent to hispanicprblog@gmail.com.  I’m looking for content for such wide ranging topics as:

– PR Campaigns: Let me know of your new Hispanic PR campaigns, what they entail and how long they will last.  Any information about spokespeople connected to your PR outreach is also welcomed.

– Thought Leaders Opinion Pieces: This blog will soon be featuring some very compelling pieces you won’t find anywhere else.  Guess where most of these “compelling” pieces exist?  With you.  I want as many of you as possible to either pitch me on stories or just write and send them in.  I promise to try to use them so long as they in some way tie back to issues or things related to Hispanic PR.  Keep the stories short and to the point and if you have any photos you want to use to illustrate something, bring it on!

– Hispanic Account News: If your agency has won an account that will entail Hispanic PR, even if it’s not the main focus of the account, let me know.

– Hiring/Promotions: If you hired anyone at your company, agency or non profit to work in either Hispanic or multicultural PR for you, please email me a blurb about their hiring, their responsibilities and their photo.  We will run it.  No one featured in these briefs is to junior for this.

– Hispanic PR Case Studies: In some instances there are some of you who have submitted case studies for PR awards entries.  Send those same case studies my way and we’ll post and promote them.

– Hispanic PR White Papers: Many of you have been publishing white papers on various Hispanic PR-focused topics.  Email those to us.  (Please spell check them).

– Hispanic Marketing Events: If you’re trying to promote an event that is targeting professionals in Hispanic or multicultural PR, let us know and we’ll post your story.  Please be sure to include all pertinent information about the event, what some topline Hispanic PR-related topics will be, speakers, cost, etc…

There is so much more to this blog than even what I just outlined here but you get the picture.  If you’re looking for a blog home dedicated to the Hispanic PR industry then here’s your house and this is your platform.  Mi casa es tu casa!

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