Hispanic Organization Leader profile with Kathryn Galan of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers

This week’s Hispanic organization profile is with Kathryn Galan of the National Association Latino Independent of Producers (NALIP). 

Tell us about your personal background? 

My father was born in Spain; my mother is Irish. I grew up back east, went to college at Amherst, and moved to Los Angeles to do my master’s work at UCLA in film, television critical studies.  I taught ‘third world cinema’ before joining an independent art film distribution company called Atlantic Entertainment. In my seven years there, I moved over to head development and production of films from “Valley Girl”  to “Teen Wolf to A World Apart.”   Then I worked for the new Hollywood Pictures division of the Walt Disney Studios as a production vice president, and made films like “Joy Luck Club” and “Dangerous Minds.”  When I left, I produced “Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale” for the studio, then partnered with Meg Ryan in Prufrock Pictures. We made “French Kiss” and developed projects like the recently released remake of “The Women.”

I joined NALIP 9 years ago to produce their 3rd conference, and help move them from an NCLR special project into an independent non-profit arts service organization. Nine conferences and many millions of dollars in fundraising later, I’m still here! Read More »