WASHINGTON, DC– The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) announced today the seven priorities the organization will focus on from now until 2015: Life, Family, Evangelism, Education, Youth, Stewardship and Justice.  The announcement comes on the heels of the organization’s annual board meeting.

“21st century challenges require an evangelical community to speak on a moral and biblical platform that is culturally and prophetically relevant. Accordingly, we understand the Evangelical movement in America is in the hands of the Latino community. We must lead with righteousness and justice as we incorporate spiritual, educational, moral and justice threads in all our work for the Cause of Christ and His Kingdom,” stated Dr. Jesse Miranda, Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

Recent surveys by Pew Research and others point to the Hispanic Evangelical community as a thriving community reinvigorating many of the evangelical denominations in America. As the sister organization of the National Association of Evangelicals, the NHCLC stands apart by culturally contextualizing the seven priorities. The organization, while tracing its roots to the first ever Hispanic National Network, A.M.E.N., today the leadership function of its daughter organization, sees the broadening of the agenda as a sign of the times.

“Our priorities reflect our core values. Hispanic Evangelicals have a moral and biblical responsibility to address issues that reconcile both the vertical and horizontal elements of the Christian Cross. For that matter, we will channel our energy and resources for the purpose of expanding sanctity of life agenda, defending and strengthening marriage and families, fulfilling the Great Commission, and fighting for Justice, which includes advocacy for immigration reform and alleviating poverty both domestically and globally. In addition, we stand committed to our Youth as we address reducing the teenage pregnancy and the high school dropout rates, and expanding educational opportunities, all while framing a national platform for biblical stewardship of both our economy and environment,” explained Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, NHCLC President. “We believe the Hispanic church will usher in a fresh move of God’s Spirit upon our nation where Holiness and Biblical Truth will once again take center stage,” he added.

The Conference will publish a document titled The Hispanic Evangelical Manifesto outlining the specific Biblical foundation, supportive research and strategies for each corresponding cause.  NHCLC will identify 7 strategic Non-Hispanic Partners that will join the Hispanic Church in addressing the issues.

“It’s a new season. The Hispanic Evangelical church stands committed to a prophetic proclamation of the Gospel while simultaneously committed to a prophetic demonstration of biblical social justice. Our children demand it, our culture needs it, Our Lord requires it,” exclaimed Dr. Gilbert Velez, National Chairman.

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