Hispanics More Digitally Engaged Than General Population

Not only are Hispanic consumers more likely to regularly use smartphones and tablets, they tend to be more engaged on their mobile devices than the general population, according to the BIGresearch® Simultaneous Media Usage® Survey (SIMM®17 – December 2010, N=24,754).

Hispanics (17.4%) have a higher percentage of regular Droid users than Adults 18+ (10.6%) and regular BlackBerry users (18.6% vs. 13.6%). Apple products are also a hit with Hispanic consumers — 17.8% regularly use iPhones (vs. 11.2%) and 7.8% regularly use iPads (vs. 4.9%).

Further, Hispanic consumers are more likely to access the Internet from mobile devices:

How often do you search the Internet using the following? (Regularly)

Hispanics 18+ Adults 18+
BlackBerry 12.8% 8.0%
Droid 13.5% 7.8%
iPad 7.6% 4.6%
iPhone 16.8% 9.6%


Hispanic consumers (58.4%) are more likely to stay connected through text messaging than Adults 18+ (41.4%). They are also more likely to view News (17.9%), Sports (12.4%) and TV/Video (13.2%) on their mobile devices (vs. 10.6%, 7.5% and 7.2% of Adults 18+, respectively.)

Advertising budgets should take into account the unique media usage and behaviors of Hispanic consumers. With a market that is more digitally-engaged than the general population, Hispanic Mobile initiatives should be allocated more ad dollars for increased ROI. For example, Mobile ranks as the #1 influencer for Electronics purchases when weighted by consumption for Hispanics.

Prosper MediaPlanIQ™* Allocation Models for ELECTRONICS Purchases

Hispanics 18+ Adults 18+
Mobile (18.5%) Online (18.9%)
Online (17.6%) TV (17.5%)
Radio (15.2%) Newspaper (15.9%)
TV (14.4%) Radio (12.4%)
Newspaper (11.2%) Mobile (11.8%)
Magazines (7.4%) Direct Mail (8.0%)
Direct Mail (6.9%) Magazines (7.6%)
Social Media (5.3%) Social Media (4.9%)
Outdoor (3.5%) Outdoor (3.0%)

*Media is weighted by influence and consumption

Source: Prosper MediaPlanIQ™, DEC-2010