Reaching out to Hispanic media and knowing how to appropriately get their attention is incredibly important these days. Spanish-language news outlets, whether print, broadcast, or on-line, are high up there in circulation numbers and in audience figures, with many becoming equally as or even more popular than their English-language counterparts. Spanish-language outlets are always looking for news they can use to help inform their audience, so make sure you’re armed with what you need to help you get you on their radar. Here are some suggestions for you to follow:

  • If you’re looking to reach a consumer/investigative producer or reporter, they look for stories that are out of the ordinary, have new elements that make them extraordinary or affect a large number of people. Stories that involve fraud, scams and illegal activity tend to be on the top of their list because part of the job is to expose that and show others how to avoid becoming victims. Aside from the Hispanic angle, they like to know how the story affects other people and if it doesn’t, they want to know why. Journalists should have as many other angles as possible, in order to put things in perspective.

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