The USHCC announces that Cristina Saralegui, renowned Latina entrepreneur and media mogul will headline its Ultimate Latina Luncheon. The event will take place as part of the USHCC’s 33rd Annual National Convention in Los Angeles California on September 17th.

“Supporting the aspirations of young women and girls has been an important calling throughout my life. By accepting this award, I hope that more will seize the opportunities provided by the enduring American Dream.  I also want to thank the USHCC for their work to promote the important role that Latinas play in the Hispanic business community.”

Saralegui has been lauded for providing a forum for Hispanics to openly discuss issues like sexual education for teens, AIDS awareness and education, as well as human rights issues facing the Hispanic community. Her breakthrough hit The Cristina Show provided a space for millions of Hispanics to be heard. The show resonated with viewers across the country, running for 21 years from 1989-2010.

In addition to her storied career as an EMMY award-winning journalist, she has been named one of the “25 Most Influential Hispanics in America” by TIME Magazine. A well-established business mogul, Saralegui has produced her own television shows, launched radio station and created her own line of home furnishings,Casa Cristina.

“The USHCC is proud to recognize Cristina Saralegui, one of the most prominent and influential Latinas in America.” said USHCC Chairman Nina Vaca. “Not only does her remarkable success as an entrepreneur espouse the values of The Ultimate Latina, so too does her commitment to the betterment of society through her unique voice and her philanthropic efforts. The USHCC is thrilled to host one of the most dynamic women of our era at our convention this year.”

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